About us

Our POSitive development

Let us introduce ourselves: get to know our team and our POSitive company history. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

About us

Our POSitive development

Let us introduce ourselves: get to know our team and our POSitive company history. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Our positive team introduce themselves:

When courageous people work towards higher common goals
at the right time and with the right attitude, MIRACLES are possible!

our Positive Team

Thomas Dullinger
Managing Director/Sales

Franz Russegger

Back Office

Larissa Russegger
Management assistant/Sales
Monika Dygruber
Commercial Managers assistant/Parental leave
Nadine Schneider
Assistant Sales Manager
Dijana Pavlovic
Order processing
Stefanie Schatzl
Order processing/Parental leave
Lisa Baumann
Order processing/HR
Andrea Knaus
Quality Assurance/Finance
Nina Reiter
Graphic designer
Anna Pfennich
Graphic designer
Günther Florian

Consulting and sales

Thomas Dullinger
Managing Director/Sales
Michael Hasenauer
Sales Manager/Field service
Sebastian Monert
Sales Manager Sales office
Iris Melker
Rainer Macht
Fabian Paul Skerra

Assembly and maintenance

Robert Schmid
Assembly management - Austria
Tomislav Lukic
Michael Moser

our Positive development

1995 The businessman and pioneer of shopping trolley advertising in Germany, Klaus Andrè Grünling (name-giver and founder of the then andré – Werbung auf Einkaufswagen GmbH in Regensburg), encourages Franz Russegger to start up his own business and wins him over as a licence partner for Austria.

• 1995: In the same year, Franz Russegger founds his one-man business “andré – Russegger”. The marketing focus is exclusively on shopping trolley advertising in regional supermarkets for regionally based SMEs.

• 2001: The number of employees and customers rises sharply, Franz Russegger founds POS MARKETING GMBH with the marketing focus on “national and international key accounts and branded companies listed in the LH.”

• 2002: Conception, development and introduction of the FloorPOSter on flooring for the branded goods industry.

• 2002-2004: Conception, development and subsequent introduction of the checkout poster or CashPoster on the checkout divider, including contour cut, for the branded goods industry in Austria.

• 2004: Marketing of the checkout poster or CashPoster on the checkout divider also for regional SMEs in Austria

• 2005: The term “SUPERMARKET ADVERTISING”, commonly used today, is “coined” by Franz Russegger and the most important domains for POS MARKETING are then protected.

• 2006: Conception, development and introduction of the “PackingPoster” in the packing area of the checkout desk.

• 2007: Europe-wide licensing granted to andre Media AG in Regensburg for the advertising systems “CashPoster” and “PackingPoster” at the checkout desk. Over the years, the CashPosters become prominent across 17 countries and 29 franchises.

Franz Russegger increasingly withdraws from the operational regional customer business, taking care of international business and continuously developing ideas and advertising concepts.

• 2008: Merger of andre Russegger GmbH with POS MARKETING GMBH

• 2011: Introduction of the “PackingPoster” in the packing area of the checkout desk in Austria.

• 2012: Concept, development and introduction of the ShoppingPOSter on the side of shopping trolleys

• 2013: Concept, development and introduction of CashPOSter with Buttonflash

• 2014: Franz Russegger launches his heart project “Courageous Hearts” as a higher goal in life and “to give something back”.

• 2014: In the meantime, innumerable CashPosters with POSitive advertising messages are in use worldwide.

• 2015: CashPOSter production with contour cutting using state-of-the-art laser technology

• 2015: POS MARKETING GMBH celebrates its 20th company anniversary

• 2015: Inauguration of new sales office in Wals/Salzburg only 5 minutes from Salzburg Airport

• 2018: Franz Russegger acquires the original concrete imprints of some of his inspiring role models from the former “Street of Winners” from Austrian SPORTHILFE, including giants of the sporting world such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Felix Baumgartner, Alberto Tomba, Boris Becker and Oliver Bierhoff.

• 2018: Strategic orientation, further advertising concepts and business areas are developed in Franz Russegger’s “think tank”, which as an idea and licensor guarantees and secures POS MARKETING GMBH’s POSitive future.

• 2018: The handprints and footprints of the current Austrian athletes of the year, Marcel Hirscher and Anna Gasser, are immortalised in concrete by POS MARKETING at the Sporthilfe Gala.

• 2019: Franz Russegger breathes new life into the Street of Winners in close cooperation with Austrian SPORTHILFE, giving honour where honour is due, and LEGEND MEDIA GMBH is born.

• 2019: The whole world bows its head and bids farewell to Niki Lauda. In his honour, we also immortalise Lewis Hamilton at the F1 Grand Prix of Austria on the STREET OF WINNERS. Thanks you Lewis!

• 2019: Franz Russegger fully retires after 25 years working on the operational side of the business and as Managing Director of POS MARKETING GMBH.

Thomas Dullinger becomes the new majority shareholder and Managing Director. Franz Russegger remains a partner and continues to support POS MARKETING with his expertise as a friend and mentor. Mr Russegger also continues to offer guidance in the areas of development, expansion and retail chains.

• 2019: New branding of POS MARKETING GMBH based on FROOT MEDIA AG with headquarters in Germany. Franz Russegger joins the ONLINE specialists as an investor.

• 2019: Launch of the FROOT GROUP. POS MARKETING GMBH, FROOT MEDIA AG and LEGEND MEDIA GMBH now combine their strengths, expertise and competence.

2020: POS Marketing celebrates its 25th anniversary. With the 25th anniversary, we also celebrate the introduction at POS Marketing of various online solutions for our customers, which will play an important role for every business in 2020. These products will enable us to offer an all-round package for our customers, which optimally covers the online and offline presence of a company.


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